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Whitesmoke is a well-know grammar checker application
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Guest Great tool that helping me write better

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squeakstar This software is not infected with viruses but has application components incorporated that anti-virus products may seem as possibly threatening. The software basically can capture license keys and stuff and detects computers on a network - this is a core feature of the software and what it's designed to do. It is software to aide managing computer networks!

It works brilliantly, and has an excellent community support for IT professionals. Excellent stuff!!!

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jack This software is quite amazing. Heard about it from my colleague and after watching the demo decided to download and use it.
Great decision. My work goes out with no mistakes, either spelling or grammar. I am enjoying the benefits of this inexpensive software. I am using the Templates, instead of creating my own letters and even using the greeting cards and business correspondence. That, for me, is a great time saver.

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Latte I purchased the WhiteSmoke software and am enjoying it very much. The software is easy to use and most informative in that besides the spelling and grammar corrections offered, it also offers explanations of why to make the changes.
The Tutorials are informative and I have used the Templates, instead of racking my brains to think of letters to write. In fact, I used the C.V template and filled in my details. What a pleasure.
I highly recommend this software. It is not expensive and is a one time payment and download.

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